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My name is Louise, owner and creator of Beatrice & Lilly, established in February 2021.

I’ve always been captivated by interior design, stylish and elegant home decor, along with all things that make a beautiful home feel cosy, relaxing and smell divine. 


After the Pandemic hit, I was working for months and months at home, hardly seeing anyone due to the various restrictions. I desperately needed something to occupy my time and more importantly my mind!


I'm a trained mental Health First Aider and I’ve worked within the wellbeing space for some years, so I knew only too well how important it was to look after my own mental and physical wellbeing.


As I was spending more and more time at home, I stocked up with plenty of scented candles, wax melts and other home luxuries. It was important for me to create a tranquil space, somewhere that I felt I could de-stress after a long day sat at a computer, somewhere to switch off, put my feet up and relax and just feel pure contentment.


It was here, that the light bulb went on - this was going to be the hobby I so desperately needed, I was going to start making my own wax melts and candles - I spent enough money on them, I may as well give it a go.


So thats where the hours and hours of endless research started and it still doesn’t stop today. I am always striving to better myself, the products and the brand.


I'm sure you’re wondering where the name Beatrice & Lilly came from, I get asked that question a lot. They are two very special and sentimental names to me, as they were each one of my parents mum’s names.


Fast forward to the present day and here we are and what a journey. I have loved every single minute, It’s not been without its up and downs. A big ‘high’ being contacted by British Vogue, and asked if I would like to feature in their magazine. Obviously I said yes immediately! I continue to drive my business full steam ahead. Maybe one day, I will be able to do what I love full time, watch this space.


Beatrice & Lilly is an elegant brand offering a collection of home fragrance products including luxury candles, botanical wax melts, reed diffusers and luxury room mists. We use a natural coconut wax, blended with high quality and long lasting fragrance oils. 100% vegan friendly, cruelty and paraben free with eco-conscious packaging. All ready to be gifted to someone special, or a well deserved self care treat to yourself.


If you want to put a smile on someone’s face, then do browse our collection - they won’t be disappointed.


From my cosy home to yours.

Louise x

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