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Place one of our wax melts in an approved wax melt burner (electric wax warmer or tea-light burner).


Make sure your burner is placed in a stable position and away from any drafts or flammable objects.


Light a 4 hour tea light and place underneath. The wax will start to warm and turn into a liquid form and release a beautiful fragrance throughout the room. 


One of our wax melts will give you around 10-15 hours of fragrance.


Do not leave your wax melt burner on for extended periods of time, ideally 3/4hrs max.


The wax tart will never burn away, you will always be left with wax in the top of your burner. As soon as the scent starts to fade, this is the time to change over and replace your wax melt.


To replace your wax melt, light a tea-light underneath and wait for 30 seconds, you should then be able to just slide the wax out in one whole piece and you can  put in the bin. Give the bowl a wipe before placing a fresh wax tart in. Alternatively, if the liquid is still warm, you can place some cotton pads in the top and allow the liquid to soak up, then give it one final wipe and then you are ready to put in a new wax melt.


Never leave your burner unattended. Blow the tea-light out/switch off at the plug when you leave the room/home.


Keep out of reach of children and animals.

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