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Botanical Wax Melt Bundle

Botanical Wax Melt Bundle

Our Botanical Wax Melts Bundles are the perfect gift.


Choose 3 fragrances from our wide selection of wax melt scents. With each bundle nestled within a branded cotton drawstring bag.


Each individual wax melt pouch comes with 4 x 15g melts. Handcrafted within our studio in Essex and made with natural coconut wax and blended with fine fragrance oils that are long lasting and highly scented. All of our wax melts are decorated with dried botanicals.


How to use our wax melts


Pop one of our round shaped melts onto the top bowl of your burner. Light a 4hr non scented tea-light and place in the space underneath. The heat from the tea-light will melt the wax melt and release the fragrance from within. Each eax melt will give approx 12 hours of scent each. 


As soon as the scent starts to fade, replace the wax melt.

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