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Lantern -  Ceramic Cut Out Wax Burner

Lantern - Ceramic Cut Out Wax Burner

Our Lantern white matte ceramic cut out wax burners will add a touch of ellegance and style to any room. The beautiful cut out design will add moving shadows around the walls when a tea-light is lit within a mood setting room.


Dimensions - H11.5cm x W8.5cm x D8.5cm


How to use our wax burners

Place a wax melt into the bowl at the top of the burner. Light a 4hr, unscented tea-light and place into the bottom of the burner. The wax melt will start to melt and will release the fragrance to float around the room.


Purchase one of our wax burners as a gift for someone special? why not pair with a pouch of our scented botanical wax melts.

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