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6 natural coloured fibre reeds for replacement in reed diffusers

Spare Fibre Reeds for Reed Diffusers

Our beautifully scented reed diffusers last between 2/3 months and sometimes, over time reeds can become clogged. This can be caused from various particles in the air and can affect the way the oil travels through the reeds, resulting in a lighter scent throw than you would like.


We recommend that everytime you replace your oil in your diffuser bottle, that you replace with some fresh reeds to ensure that you get the optimum fragrance. 


When its time to replace, dispose of the old reeds, pop the new set in and give them a little swirl around the bottom, then turn them over so the moist side is the end that is out of the bottle. Then await the lovely aromas to fill the room.


Warning! Do not light reeds. the liquid in diffusers are flammable.

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