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Watermelon Slice & Kiwi luxury room spray in a 100ml clear class bottle with silver collar.

Watermelon Slice & Kiwi Luxury Room Mist

Our room mists will add an instant refreshing fragrance to any room. Creating an uplifting atmosphere within your home. 


Our Watermelon Slice & Kiwi room spray is screaming Summer vibes and refreshing drinks with this sweet watermelon scent.


Mood - Summer & Refreshed 

Top notes - Melson Essence + Rosewater

Middle notes - Green Fruits

Base notes - Berries + Brown Sugar


Each room mist comes in a 100ml clear glass bottle with stylish silver collar and cap. 


All our products are hand blended in our studio nestled in the historic county of Essex. Made with vegan and cruelty free ingredients.


How to use our room mists


To scent a room, spritz our room mist into the air. You will instantly enliven the space with a burst of refreshing fragrance. Do not spray room mist directly onto any fabrics or furniture. Always spray above carpeted area rather than on tiled or hard floors, as surfaces may become slippery for a short time after use.


Why not pair one of our room mists with a reed diffuser? The perfect home fragrance indulgance duo. 

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