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10 Reasons Why We Love Spring

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Spring is finally here, yay!

  1. We start too see the first glimpses of Sunshine

The days are longer with the evenings being so much lighter, so we can enjoy spending more time out doors in the fresh air.


2. Warmer temperatures

We say goodbye to big, heavy coats and say hello to lighter jackets and cardigans. Spring is warmer than it is throughout the winter months but cooler than the midst of Summer. Perfect for long evening walks being out amongst nature.

3. Flowers are blooming

As the days get longer in spring, flowers and plants are exposed to more sunlight. The more sunlight means more food for the flowers and trees. It’s so beautiful seeing all of the wonderful colours of Daffodils and Tulips, creating a pleasing landscape.


4. We get more vitamin D

Our body creates a hormone called melatonin when its exposed to sunlight which not only helps us get a good nights sleep, it also makes us feel happy.

5. A great time for a Spring clean

It’s one of life’s rituals and Spring seems to be a time of year for renewal and rebirth so a great time to have a good sort out around the home. Its also great for the mind to declutter and you get a real sense of accomplishment.

6. Butterflies and Bumble bees

Seeing Butterflies and Bumble bees lets us know that Summer is not too far away.

butterfly on flower

7. Less sniffles

If you’re like me, I will always get the dreaded cold in Winter. But thankfully, come spring, the boxes of tissues can safely be stored away. Unless its for my hay fever that is.

8. The singing of birds

I love nothing more that sitting in bed listening to the chirping of birds in the background. It seems to have some kind of peace and calm to it. Crack open those windows in the morning, close your eyes and just have a moment.

9. Working-out, out outside

Who needs a gym membership when we can workout in the fresh air. I’d rather go for a run or nice walk along the beach rather than on a treadmill any day. Feeling the hot sun on my face - everyone has more fun in the sun.

10. Fun, family days out

Get all the family together and head to the seaside for the day, a theme park or a museum. The kids and you of course will absolutely love it. There are so many more activities to be done and its great to get some family days out before it gets really busy throughout Summer.

sitting with dog by sea

Want to get the feeling of Spring throughout your home?

Browse our Spring collection of home fragrances here. Our collection consists of wonderful fragrances including Indian Lemongrass & Lime, Daffodil, Bluebell Walk, Wild Violet & Black Amber and Lilly Blossom & Lotus Flower.

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