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Eco-friendly/Zero Waste, Tea Light Refills!

Updated: 2 days ago

Being an eco-conscious business, it was always frustrating to me how many aluminium cases I threw away in the bin after using copious amounts of tea-lights.

I've been a hand crafter of wax melts for the past 2 years, and I can’t even imagine to think how much waste has gone to landfill by using tea-lights over that time that come made in aluminium or even plastic cups.

So last year, one of my ’to do’ items on the forever growing list was to make ‘zero waste’, or as near to, zero waste and 100% natural tea-light refills.

Our 'Cup-less, Tea Light Refills' are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to the standard

tea-lights you would find on the high street.


They are made from the same mould that I use to create my botanical soy wax melts. Made with EcoSoya - an innovative plant based wax thats not only sustainable but vegan friendly, hasn’t been tested on animals, is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Our tea-light refills are unscented, perfect for when using with our scented wax melts.

We also use some of the thinnest high grade ring-spun cotton wicks to enable a clean burn.

To be used with our reusable tea-light holders. You just pop a tea light refill into the reusable holder, place the holder into the bottom of your wax burner, light the tea-light and away you go.

tea-light holders

When the tea-light has completely melted and finished, you will see that in the reusable holder, there is no surplus wax left over and the cup/holder is clear. The only tiny thing left, is the round metal plate at the bottom of the wick. You just pop that out with your finger and place in the bin. Pretty much zero waste - right?

Each pack of tea-light refills come snuggled in a beautif