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Mr Whippy anyone?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

So today I tried my hand at making my first whipped soap aka Body Souffle. This has Glycerin and Shea butter to moisturise the skin and I went for Sea Salt & Grapefruit fragrance oil and have to sat it smells lush.

I love how this looks just like ice cream in a tub with sprinkles on. Have to say it was a little messy, more by putting the whipped soap into the bags ready to pipe, maybe theres a trick to this, which I will learn the more I make.

You can use whipped soap in the bath, shower, on the face and hands and even as a shaving soap - so it has plenty of uses. You can even put sugar in it and make a scrub. Maybe thats one for my next go.

whipped soap

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