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Top Tips for Best Candle Care

Updated: 2 days ago

Candle maintenance so you get more burn for your money!

Candles have become a luxury treat for many people, including myself. We browse many a website or store for the perfect fragrances which will create a soothing and relaxing ambience within our homes. I absolutely love the soft, warm glow that a candle creates with a delicate aroma swirling around the room. This is why a little care and attention with your candles is important for us, as the better we look after them, the better burn you will get,

If you want to keep your candles in the best condition, follow these useful tips to incorporate into your candle routine!


The very first burn is important!

When you first light your new purchase, make sure you burn for long enough so that the top layer completely melts. It should take around 3/4 hours to reach this point, otherwise tunnelling may incur on the second burn. Whats tunnelling? When wax is left all around the edges of a candle and even when it burns down, the wax never melts around the sides.

When I’ve previously tested my candles, they always look like they will start to tunnel, but as you continue to burn down and come to the end, there is never any wax left on the glass.