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Why we’re changing from Soy to Coconut wax!

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Before launching Beatrice & Lilly, a long and vigorous testing process commenced.

We tried out many different types of waxes and soy was the one we liked the most.

Why did we like Soy so much?

We found EcoSoya wax fantastic to work with. We never experienced any frosting on our products which was a huge bonus. It was easy to release from our wax melt moulds and it gave off a great hot and cold throw. It was also one of the better sustainable wax options to other popular waxes such as paraffin at the time.

Soy does have a cure time of 2 weeks, but as we are super organised, this wasn’t ever a problem for us.


So why change from Soy to Coconut wax?

As we continue as much as we can to being an eco-friendly business, we want to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Soy over the past few years has become increasingly popular and for the above reasons we can see why. But due to its popularity there has been a huge increase in deforestation within most areas where soybeans are grown. The process includes large green areas being cut down to make way for new soybean fields.

soybean field

The Chosen Wax is 'EcoCoco' - An eco-friendly Coconut Blended Wax

EcoCoco is the latest natural wax creation.

It’s a 100% natural blend of predominantly coconut wax with ‘natural performance additives’ to improve burn and scent throw. It does not contain any genetically modified ingredients, so no soy, palm, or paraffin products. It is biodegradable, vegan friendly and cruelty free.

And with only a 48hr cure time, it’s a win win!

Over the coming months, we will be replacing all of our wax melts and candles with the new EcoCoco wax. As and when this happens to each individual item, descriptions on our website will be updated so you can see which wax is being used.

Wax melts


All of our products are hand poured in our studio nestled in the county of Essex. Made with high quality fragrance oils to create a relaxing atmosphere within homes across England.

With FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £40 + a complimentary wax melt sample in every order.

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